General questions

What is QuaHill Web Manager and what is QuaHill Client?

QuaHill Web Manager is a web application, while QuaHill Client is a desktop application. Both are designed for the day-to-day work of the agency’s project managers. Both allow you to work with clients, vendors, projects, quotes, purchase orders, and invoices.

So what is the difference?

When we talk about an app these days, in most cases it is either a web app, i.e. an application running in a web browser, or a desktop app, i.e. an application installed directly on a computer. Each type of app has its own pros and cons. Working with a desktop app tends to be faster. Experienced users can make use of many more keyboard shortcuts, the response time is usually faster, and also, for example, working with files is quicker because users can open them directly, without having to download them first and then upload them to the server again after editing. On the other hand, in an age when more and more users are working from home or on the go, such apps require a good internet connection, which is not always available. Plus there is the fact that desktop apps can be slow when they are handling larger volumes of data. This is where web apps come into their own. They don’t require such a good internet connection and you can work with them anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. QuaHill offers both solutions. If you work in an office and your server is in the same local network, the desktop QuaHill Client is a better choice. If you work at home or on the go, the web app – QuaHill Web Manager – is the ideal choice for you. The two apps are 90% identical in the way they work. The only difference is the technology used.

So do the two apps have the same features?

No, they don’t. QuaHill Client incorporates all the features offered by QuaHill. QuaHill Web Manager was created to offer a fast, simple application for project managers’ day-to-day work via a web interface. As a result, it does not include features that are not used on a daily basis, such as basic system setup, the addition of new users, the editing of operational code lists, the editing of print templates, etc. These require QuaHill Client.

What is the difference between the Basic, Premium and the Enterprise editions?

Simply put, the Basic edition is designed for freelance translators, The Premium edition is intended for vendors who sometimes cooperate with other vendors and need to record them in the system and the Enterprise edition is designed for LSP and teams of translators. The Basic edition and Premium edition can connect and work with only one user. In addition, the Basic edition cannot maintain and record vendors (Premium edition can), does not provide web access into the system, etc. A comparison of all editions is available here.

The Basic and Premium editions requires that it is connected to the Internet at least once every 14 days in order download the updated licence.

What are the system's requirements for hardware?

Processor type minimum: x64 Processor

Processor speed minimum: 1.4 GHz (Recommended 2.0 GHz)

RAM minimum: 2GB

Display scaling greater than 125% is not supported.

What are the QuaHill Enterprise requirements for software?

The server and client part of the system require MS Windows to operate. Without portals, it can be installed on any Windows 10 or higher OS. If vendor and client web portals are to be used as well, an MS Windows server edition is required (Win 2008R2 or higher). Web portals can be used on any current commonly used operation system.

What are the QuaHill Basic and QuaHill Premium requirements for software?

The server and client part of the system require MS Windows 10 or higher.

Is installation of Enterprise edition free?

Yes. If you buy or rent the system for at least 12 months, the first installation is for free.

How is system installation done?

Installation is carried out using remote access via TeamViewer software. Installation of the whole system including client and vendor portals takes about 2 hours. Installation without web portals takes about an hour.

How do the web portals work?

Web portals allow clients and vendors to access the system using a web interface so they only need a web browser. Vendors can register, update their data, download files to translate, upload completed files, etc. Clients can update their data, download translated files and provide the agency with their feedback on the quality of their work.

What language localisations of the system are currently available?

The system is localized into English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian and Czech. Are you thinking about buying QuaHill but it has not been localized into your language yet? Please contact us at We may have an interesting offer for you ;)

Is it possible to import/export data?

Yes. If a user is assigned the respective rights, he/she can export all main lists (projects, quotes, vendors, clients, invoices, etc.) into an MS Excel file.

Can a user modify columns in the list according to his/her needs?

Yes. A user can change the order, width and visibility (shown or hidden) of columns in almost all lists. As soon as a list is opened next time, the columns appear in the order displayed the previous time.


Web manager

What platforms can QuaHill Web Manager run on?

As QuaHill Web Manager is a web-based application, you can use it on Windows, Apple, and even Linux.

If I want to use QuaHill Web Manager, will I be charged any additional fees?

No, not at all. QuaHill Web Manager is included in the QuaHill Enterprise licence. Whether you are using our QuaHill Cloud or have QuaHill Enterprise installed on your server, it is a standard component of the licence you have rent.

Is QuaHill Web Manager a fully-fledged substitute for QuaHill Client?

No, it is not. QuaHill Web Manager enables project managers to get on with all their everyday work, but changes to global settings, user settings, etc., can only be made via QuaHill Client. We have tried to keep QuaHill Web Manager as small and fast as possible, so we have not integrated features that are not used on a daily basis into the application.

So just how does normal work in QuaHill Web Manager and QuaHill Client differ?

When it comes, for instance, to the way you work with projects, quotes, invoices and so on, there is basically no difference. The working procedures are the same. However, there are minor differences. For example, because of the difference between the web-based application (QuaHill Web Manager) and the desktop application (QuaHill Client), integration with our AddIn for Outlook is not available. Direct communication with SDL Trados via the Trados Automation API is also not possible (naturally, jobs based on a Trados analysis can still be generated in Web Manager).

Are any more features going to be added to Web Manager?

Of course. We are keen to add certain QuaHill Client features that have not yet been implemented in QuaHill Web Manager (e.g. Business Activities and the like). We will also (as is our custom) listen to what our clients want and add features based on their

Client management

Can a client have his/her own price list?

Certainly. Apart from the global price list which is valid for all clients, a client can have individual price lists which are superior to the global price list.

Is access to the system provided to a client? Can a client download ready translations?

Yes. Through the client web portal.

Can a client create enquiries, upload files, show quotes, accept or refuse quotes and download invoices?

Yes. Through the client web portal.

Is it possible to hide a client's details from a particular user?

Yes, it is possible. If a client's identity is to be hidden from a particular user, it is necessary to assign the client such a client type to which the user is not entitled to right of access. The user will not see the client in the list at all. Within projects and quotes, the client's information such as the client's name, contact person, etc., will be hidden.

Can a client assess the quality of delivered translations?

Yes. Through the client web portal.

Can I send emails and printed documents to a client in various languages?

Yes. QuaHill uses four languages within code lists (English, German, Czech and an optional language). The code list values (service names, units, currencies) must be in one of the four languages. Other texts can be in any language.

Is it possible to export a client list?

Yes. If a user has the respective right, he/she can export the client list to an MS Excel file.


Vendor management

Can a vendor have his/her own price list?

Certainly. Each vendor can have multiple price lists. A vendor can update prices on his/her own using the web interface or they can be updated by users on the agency's part.

How do vendor specialisations work? Is it possible to search according to them?

Specializations can be defined in code lists and for each vendor the area of his/her specialization or excellence can be selected. You can search and sort vendors according to specializations/areas.

Can a vendor access project files using QuaHill?

Yes. Using the web interface, a vendor can download files for which he/she is assigned access rights. The files can be uploaded once they are translated.

According to which criteria can we search for vendors?

You can search according to almost any item recorded for a vendor, i.e. languages, services, quality, price, specialization, native language, etc. You can search for a vendor directly from a project according to his/her actual capacity, how many projects he/she is working on within a period, and according to their volume, whether a vacation is indicated in the calendar, etc.

Can you mark unreliable vendors so that they are not offered in search results?

Yes, it is possible. Each vendor can be classified in a category which can be assigned a tag meaning it should not be used in searches.

If I do not wish a sales manager to see a list of vendors, can I do so?

Yes. A Sales Manager cannot be assigned the right to work with vendors and cannot have access to projects. A Sales Manager can process quotes and generate a project from a successful quote to hand it over to a Project Manager.

Is it possible to filter out sworn translators?

Yes, of course. You can add a "Sworn translation" service to the service code list. This can subsequently be used in a vendor's price list and used in searches the same way as with any other service.

Is it possible to export a vendor list?

Yes. If a user is entitled with the respective right, he/she can export the vendor list to an MS Excel file.


Price lists

Is it possible to export the global price list from the system?

Yes. Any user with access rights for editing a global price list can export it into an MS Excel file.

Can global price list prices be imported into a client's price list?

Yes. It is possible to import services from a global price list into a client's price list and subsequently edit prices.

If there are various departments in an agency, can their departments have different prices in the global price list?

Yes. The price in the global price list is always linked to a particular department.



Can you define new types of jobs which QuaHill does not contain?

Yes, it is possible. Any item (e.g. DTP) can be defined in code lists and subsequently used for job generation.

Is it possible to add other units to the system?

Yes. It is possible to define units used by the systems in the unit code list.

Is it possible to monitor job history in the system?

Yes, it is. The system enables the history of changes in client and vendor jobs to be monitored.

Can the system define a project workflow?

Yes, it can. The system defines the statuses which the project and jobs pass through, and these statuses are changed automatically according to the stage the project or job is currently in.

Is it possible to define filtering conditions in the project list, save them and toggle between them to make data filtering easier?

Yes, it is possible. Each user can set specific filter conditions in the project list, save the setting and subsequently use it to quickly toggle between data views so that handling of data is as effective as possible.

Can you create projects in different currencies?

Yes, of course. QuaHill works with a project currency and a so-called "national" currency. If a project currency differs from the national currency, the value is recalculated into the national currency using an exchange rate coefficient which is downloaded within a scheduled task from the national bank. Therefore, you can charge a client in a currency different from the national currency. The national currency allows you to generate meaningful statistics as profit, margin, etc., are calculated from the national currency. This provides agency management with an insight into the actual income and expenses of the agency.

Can the system create orders for vendors?

Yes. The system allows you to create orders for vendors and customize their design according to your preference so you can create an unlimited number of designs. Furthermore, it can create an email from a pre-defined template to which an order will be enclosed as a PDF. You just check the email and click the Send button.

Does the system record clients' orders?

Yes, the system has an independent module for recording clients' purchase orders. The systems allows you to create a relation between a client's job and an order.

Is substitution of project managers possible? Can they process projects for each other?

Certainly. Any project manager can work on any project within the departments for which he/she is assigned user rights if he/she is entitled with such right for the particular status of the project.

Can we define the statuses a project takes during processing?

Yes. Any number of statuses a project takes during processing can be defined in the code lists; each status can be assigned compulsory items.

How is invoicing done?

It is possible to invoice a project as a whole, invoice certain jobs of a project or individual jobs across various projects.

Does the system notify of approaching job deadlines?

Yes. In the user configuration, you can define how far in advance a notification on an approaching client's job deadline or vendor's job deadline should be displayed. Notifications can be set so that they display notifications on approaching deadlines of the user's own projects as well as deadlines of other project managers' projects. This serves for team substitutability.

Is there any summary of approaching job deadlines?

Yes. QuaHill contains a calendar module which allows you to display approaching job deadlines in a clear way (invoice due dates, etc.) for a selected day and week.

Why is our national bank not available in the global settings?

Banks are added gradually in accordance with the clients' needs. Contact us and we will add the bank for you for free.

How does the system prevent the possibility of two users opening a project and overwriting it?

At the moment of opening a project, it is locked and nobody can work on it until it is closed by the user.

Is it possible to export a project list?

Yes. If a user is entitled with the respective right, he/she can export the project list to an MS Excel file.

We are an ISO-certified agency and we would like to know whether a client can assess the quality of delivered projects on their own?

Yes. A client can assess the quality of delivered projects through the client web portal.


Job templates

For which jobs can templates be defined?

It is possible to define job templates for a client in all editions of QuaHill. In addition, the Enterprise edition and Premium edition also can define vendor jobs and create independent job templates for vendors only.

Is the number of templates limited in any way?

No, not at all. The number of templates is unlimited.


Purchase orders for vendors

If I generate a purchase order for a vendor from a project job and subsequently change the job, is it necessary to create a new purchase order?

No. Jobs in an already generated purchase orders can easily be updated from original jobs in the project from which they are created.

Is dispatching of purchase orders to vendors automated?

Yes, the system can create a PDF purchase order in the language which is set as preferred at the vendor's profile. It creates a new email for an email template to which a purchase order is attached and allows for dispatching it from an email client.

Can the PDF purchase order design be customized?

Of course, yes. Using the print templates designer.


Purchase orders from clients

Is it possible to search according to a client's order code in the project list?

Yes. The client's order code item is available in the project list and it can be used for filtering.

Is a client's order code item available while generating an invoice?

Yes. If a job is added to an invoice, the item is available in the job list.

Is it possible to use a client's order code item in an invoice print template?

Yes, it is possible. This item is accessible in the print template designer.


Job schedule - calendar

Are my own projects' jobs displayed in the calendar or can I view project details of other users?

QuaHill fully support project manager substitutability so you can view other users' projects.

Can you ensure that only jobs with a particular status are offered by the system in the calendar?

Yes, it is possible. The system allows you to set it up so that delivered jobs, etc., are not displayed in the calendar.

Is it possible to add notes for other users to the calendar?

Yes. The system allows you to enter batch notes; you can select which users they relate to. The notes will be displayed to the user at a pre-defined time in the form of a notification similar to MS Outlook notifications.



How are prices from price lists added to jobs?

In a job's details, prices per unit can be filled in automatically by choosing from a price list, or they can be edited manually. Of course, there is the option of manual editing of prices. As soon as a price per unit is changed, the final price, margin, etc., are immediately recalculated.

While generating a quote email, can a user decide which language it should be created in?

Yes. For each client, the preferred method of communication in one of the four system supported languages can be defined. The language is subsequently used in the generated PDF for values uploaded from the code lists, such as units, services, etc. The remainder of the PDF document as well as the email body can be in any language.

Can you create quotes based on CAT analyses?

Yes, it is possible. The system has a tool to generate jobs from CAT analyses, such as Trados, MemoQ, Memsource, XTM and some other. This allows the system to generate jobs from the analyses. It is possible to define different individual discount systems for particular CAT analysis categories for each client and vendor.


CAT tools

Does QuaHill enable direct communication with SDL Trados Studio?

Yes, QuaHill can analyze files and create Trados Studio projects directly from the job or quotation (video). SDL only enables this function for the Professional edition of Trados Studio. The supported versions are SDL Trados Studio 2014/2015 and higher. To communicate with SDL Trados Studio, then this service must be installed.

Does QuaHill enable direct communication with Memsource?

Yes. QuaHill lets you create new projects directly on the Memsource server, upload source files, assign file rights to vendors, analyse source files, track how many texts have already been translated, download translated files directly to QuaHill folders, create clients and vendors on the Memsource server, and create links between clients and vendors in QuaHill with existing clients and vendors on the Memsource server.

How is a CAT analysis generated?

It is very easy. In the project details, using right mouse click above the job list select "Generate jobs from CAT analysis" . A window appears. Select the language combination for which the job is to be generated, the client's CAT model, the vendor's CAT model, upload an analysis, add a vendor, add unit prices for a client and a vendor (to make the process faster, keyboard shortcuts are available) and generate the job. The job is generated fully calculated, including the price calculated on the basis of the CAT model used and the scopes uploaded from the CAT analysis. Should a job for another language combination be generated, you simply select a different language, a vendor, add a unit price and generate the job. It is not necessary to upload the analysis again so the process is very fast.

Is it possible to generate jobs for a vendor only or is it possible for a client as well?

Yes. While generating jobs, it is possible to decide whether jobs should be generated both for the client and the vendor or only for a client or only for a vendor.

Is weighted-words generation of jobs supported by the system?

Yes, jobs can be generated as weighted words.

We use a CAT tool which QuaHill does not support. Is there any solution?

Certainly. If you submit a sample of your CAT tool analysis, so long as it is technically viable, we will add the analysis upload for free. Do not hesitate to send us your request via email



Can a vendor reply to an enquiry using the vendor web portal?

Yes. It is possible to create replies to enquiries on the web portal; upon saving, the reply is immediately available to the agency's project managers.

Can you add a sample text to an enquiry?

Yes, it is possible.

Can you add files to be downloaded by a vendor to an enquiry?

Yes, it is possible.

Can only selected vendors be addressed with an enquiry?

Yes, it is possible. The system allows you to choose vendors who will receive an e-mail with the enquiry. They can reply to the enquiry through the web portal.

Will an enquiry be visible on the agency's website?

An enquiry can either be public or private. A list of public enquiries can be integrated into the agency's website so that it is visible to anybody.



Can a user modify an invoice design so that it corresponds to a corporate identity?

Yes. QuaHill contains one default print template for invoicing towards clients; however, a user with the respective right can add an unlimited number of print templates including invoicing templates. Therefore, you can have a print template for domestic clients and a different one for foreign clients.

Can a vendor download a list of jobs he/she processed?

Yes. A job list can be downloaded from the web portal in the form of an Excel sheet.

Is it possible to export a list of jobs a vendor processed from the system?

Yes. All main lists of the system can be exported in an Excel file. If a user is assigned the right to export, any list can be exported easily.

What about different due dates of clients' invoices?

For each client an individual due date period can be defined in the client's profile; this will automatically be filled in when generating an invoice. If it is not filled in, a universal due date period of the global setting will be used.

Can you send invoice reminders automatically?

Yes. The system contains a tool for automatic distribution of invoice reminders to clients who have failed to pay.

When issuing an invoice in other than the national currency, where does the system take the exchange rate list from?

Within a scheduled task, the server part of the system downloads exchange rate lists from national banks at a pre-set time. These can be used for invoicing as well.

Is the system able to automatically send reminders for invoices after their due date?

Yes, it is possible. You can schedule repeated forwarding of invoice reminders as well as define that they should not be sent to select clients.


Code lists

Why are values in code lists in four languages?

QuaHill allows you to create printed documents and emails fully localised in the four languages. To allow the localization of code list values, they must be pre-set in the four languages as well. However, you will have to edit these values at the very beginning and not later. It is highly unlikely there would be significant changes made in code lists during work with the system. Subsequently, you will benefit from being able to create fully localised invoices, quotes, enquiries, orders, etc.

Why do the code lists include the Czech language? Our agency will not use it.

Due to historic reasons. QuaHill started in 2009 in the Czech market and later on started to expand to foreign markets. It is not necessary to use it. Some clients use this localization version as another optional language.

What if I need a language which is not in the code lists?

You can change the optional language (French in the default setting) in the global settings to any language which is available in the language code list. Then you just modify the values for the language in the code lists and select the localization as default in the user settings.



Can a user be completely forbidden from accessing statistics?

Yes, it is possible. In each user's details, an administrator can set what statistics should be displayed to the user and whether they should be calculated from his/her own data or from the data of the whole department or agency. Access to statistics can also be globally forbidden.

Every day I work with several statistics. Does there exist a setting so that I do not have to open them one by one?

Yes. Every user can define which statistics will automatically be opened for him/her. It is possible to pre-define a time period for which statistics should be calculated and frequency of calculation.

Where can I find a description of what individual statistics represent?

A guide is embedded in the system; it is accessible e.g. from the Start menu. The guide includes a description of all statistics.

I need statistics which are not in the system. What should I do?

Contact us at If the requested statistics are not highly specialised, we will add them for free.


Business activities

How does the system notify of the date of an approaching business activity?

Every user can define in his/her details how far in advance a notification on an approaching business activity will be displayed. The notification is very similar to Outlook notification of a new incoming email.

If a sales manager is away, can another sales manager set up notification of the other sales manager's scheduled activities?

Yes. Every user can set business activity notifications so that notifications for other users are displayed as well.

Concerning email business activities, do I have to write an email to a client in my email client and copy and paste it in QuaHill afterwards?

No. If you use MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or a similar email client, you can write an email directly in QuaHill and subsequently open it in your email client.


File management

When generating a project from a quote having a folder with files generated, are the folders and files transferred to the project?

Yes. The whole folder structure is transferred from the quote to a newly generated project including all sub-folders and files.

What if I need to make a change in a file which is saved in QuaHill?

You can open the file directly from QuaHill or using any file manager (Windows Explorer, Total Commander) directly on the disk.

Does the system distinguish whether a saved file is a source file for translation, Translation Memory, etc.?

Yes. Every file must be assigned a type selected as a value from a code list. The file type list is fully editable and it is possible to add other file types.

Why do I have to choose a file type when uploading a file to a project?

It is not necessary. If a default type of file is selected for a folder within the folder structure code list, it is automatically assigned and you do not have to fill it in.


Print templates

Is it possible to fully localize print templates into our language so that service and unit names are in our language?

Yes. If you work with a language not set as default in the system, it is possible to define an optional language in the global setting so that it corresponds to the requested language and rewrite the respective values in the code lists. A print template can be fully localized into any language which you will need.

Is it possible to have you prepare an individual print template for us?

Yes, of course. If you do not want to create a print template yourselves, please contact us via email. We will discuss details with you and will create a tailor-made print template for you.

Can you import/export print templates to/from the system?

Yes, it is possible. Individual print templates can be exported into files and imported backwards. Therefore, you can export a template, send it to request a modification and subsequently import it into the system.

Do you offer print templates for download other than the default ones?

Yes, we do. You can download print templates from this website and others are going to be added.


E-mail templates

Which email formats does the system support?

Email templates can be created in HTML or as plain text.

Which email clients does the system support?

The best option is to use MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Live email client.

What if we do not use any of these email clients?

No problem. The system features its own client which takes care of sending emails so emails can be sent directly from the system.

When creating an email towards a client or a vendor, is the client's/vendor's preferred language reflected?

Yes. While creating an email, the system selects the email language and template in accordance with the language defined as preferred by the client/vendor in the client/vendor details.

Are all emails from the system sent using an email client?

Not all. For example, bulk emails with an enquiry towards vendors are sent automatically using a service running on the server with no need for user intervention.


Agency departments

How many departments can be defined in the system?

The number of departments is unlimited.

How does the system prevent a user from viewing data from other departments?

The user does not see the data. They are not displayed in lists and the user cannot work with them.

If a user has access to data from more departments, can he/she filter data in the project list for a particular department only?

Yes. The list contains the department column and data can be filtered using this column.

Is it possible to manage invoicing for different departments separately?

Yes, it is possible. Each department can have its own invoicing series defined and invoicing can be maintained separately.


Web access

Can vendors create invoices?

Yes, they can. A vendor can create an invoice for jobs they have worked on. They can download the invoice as a PDF file afterwards.

Can vendors accept or refuse a purchase order at the web portal?

Yes, they can. A vendor can accept/refuse a purchase order and download it as a PDF file. A project manager is notified by e-mail.

Can clients see quotes at the website?

Yes, they can. A client can see a quote list the agency has created at the website, they can download the quotes as a PDF file and they can either accept or refuse them. A project manager is notified by e-mail.

Can a client create enquiries via the Client's Portal?

Yes. A client can create enquiries and view a list of quotes received for a particular enquiry in the Client's Portal. Agency staff are informed about a new enquiry using an email.

Can an enquiry be created by a client who is not registered in the system yet?

Yes, they can. The system allows the integration of an enquiry form to be used by anonymous clients in the existing agency's website.

If a vendor uploads a file in a project, is the respective project manager notified of it?

Yes. As soon as a translated file is uploaded in a project, the project manager receives an email notification that a file was uploaded in the project.

Is it possible to prevent a vendor from editing his/her price list and changing agreed prices?

Yes, it is possible. You can pre-set the system so that a vendor can fill in his/her service price list upon initial registration but not be allowed to carry out any editing afterwards. However, if you want a vendor to be allowed to edit it, it is possible to set this as well.

Is a vendor automatically informed of the status of his/her reply to an enquiry?

Yes. The system can be set up so that a vendor receives an email notification about a change in the status of a reply to an enquiry.

Can a client monitor statuses of their projects through the web portal?

Yes. Clients can see the actual status of jobs on the portal.

If a client is a larger company consisting of more departments, can they - upon logging in - see their own projects or projects of the whole company?

It depends on whether the client is assigned the right to access the data of the whole company. If he/she possesses the right, he/she can view the data of the whole company. If he/she does not possess the right, he/she can view only his/her own data.

A project has many files. Is it possible for a vendor to download them as one archive file?

Yes. If a vendor is supposed to handle a larger number of files and reference material, they do not have to be downloaded one by one but can be downloaded in a archive file generated by the system.


User management

All values in code lists are in four languages. Can a user choose which language will be displayed in the system?

Certainly. Each user can define the setting for what localization should be displayed for code list values.

Can departments share the client and the vendor databases?

Yes. If a client or a vendor is not assigned to a particular department, it is available for all departments.

Is it possible to prevent a user from viewing certain clients while allowing him/her to manage their projects?

Yes, it is possible. If the agency management wishes to make selected clients' details not accessible to some users, you can add a client type, such as "Confidential", to a client's code list; then you simply do not assign a user the right to access this type of client. The project manager will subsequently not have access to details of the client and will not be able to view e.g. project margin and profit.


Stephen Weir BSc, Director,

Stealth Translations Ltd, Northern Ireland

Having evaluated different solutions for our order management system over a period of 18 months, we identified Quahill as the system with the best value for money. Stealth Translations are very happy with their choice as the system does exactly what we need it to do and more. David has also been extremely helpful with installation, troubleshooting and very flexible in terms of considering various improvements/adjustments to the system which we feel would improve efficiency.


DEVdivision Software
Czech Republic


10.10.2022 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here..


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