Please choose the right edition of QuaHill for your business

If you are vendor cooperating with other vendors, this price list is the right one for you.

If you are freelance translator, please see QUAHILL BASIC price here.

If you are an LSP with more than one employee, please see QUAHILL ENTERPRISE price here.

QuaHill edition comparison can be found here.

QuaHill Premium

You can rent a QuaHill Premium license for EUR 199 per year excluding VAT.

When the rent expires a new 12-month license needs to be purchased.

You can upgrade from Premium to Enterprise edition at any time. Including our QuaHill cloud option, where Windows Server can be provided together with QuaHill (for further information click here).

The rent price includes all updates/upgrades issued while the license is valid.

If you are interested in QuaHill Premium, please contact us at

Martin Nitschel, Managing Partner,

Armin Mutscheller + Martin Nitschel PartG, Germany

Working in a distributed team, our growing translation partner network needed a fully featured - yet flexible - central repository. QuaHill has become the hub where everything comes together: project managers, clients, colleagues, data. More than just a tool, it is now a vital part of our business.


DEVdivision Software
Czech Republic


10.10.2022 - New edition of QuaHill Enterprise launched! Details can be found here..


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