The project module allows you to process complex client requests containing translations, localisations, interpreting etc. A project consists of individual jobs for a client (e.g. a translation, proofreading, localisation into different language combinations). One or more vendors can work on a job for a client.

To make work easier, it is possible to generate jobs from various CAT tool analyses, such as Trados, Transit, Translation Workspace, etc.

Within projects, you can work with files. Translators can download files to which they are assigned rights using the web portal. They can also upload translated files. For more information, please see File management.

Using the client web portal, a client can download translated files and provide feedback to the agency through their assessment of the delivered work.

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Can you define new types of jobs which QuaHill does not contain?

Yes, it is possible. Any item (e.g. DTP) can be defined in code lists and subsequently used for job generation.

Is it possible to add other units to the system?

Yes. It is possible to define units used by the systems in the unit code list.

Is it possible to monitor job history in the system?

Yes, it is. The system enables the history of changes in client and vendor jobs to be monitored.

Can the system define a project workflow?

Yes, it can. The system defines the statuses which the project and jobs pass through, and these statuses are changed automatically according to the stage the project or job is currently in.

Is it possible to define filtering conditions in the project list, save them and toggle between them to make data filtering easier?

Yes, it is possible. Each user can set specific filter conditions in the project list, save the setting and subsequently use it to quickly toggle between data views so that handling of data is as effective as possible.

Can you create projects in different currencies?

Yes, of course. QuaHill works with a project currency and a so-called "national" currency. If a project currency differs from the national currency, the value is recalculated into the national currency using an exchange rate coefficient which is downloaded within a scheduled task from the national bank. Therefore, you can charge a client in a currency different from the national currency. The national currency allows you to generate meaningful statistics as profit, margin, etc., are calculated from the national currency. This provides agency management with an insight into the actual income and expenses of the agency.

Can the system create orders for vendors?

Yes. The system allows you to create orders for vendors and customize their design according to your preference so you can create an unlimited number of designs. Furthermore, it can create an email from a pre-defined template to which an order will be enclosed as a PDF. You just check the email and click the Send button.

Does the system record clients' orders?

Yes, the system has an independent module for recording clients' purchase orders. The systems allows you to create a relation between a client's job and an order.

Is substitution of project managers possible? Can they process projects for each other?

Certainly. Any project manager can work on any project within the departments for which he/she is assigned user rights if he/she is entitled with such right for the particular status of the project.

Can we define the statuses a project takes during processing?

Yes. Any number of statuses a project takes during processing can be defined in the code lists; each status can be assigned compulsory items.

How is invoicing done?

It is possible to invoice a project as a whole, invoice certain jobs of a project or individual jobs across various projects.

Does the system notify of approaching job deadlines?

Yes. In the user configuration, you can define how far in advance a notification on an approaching client's job deadline or vendor's job deadline should be displayed. Notifications can be set so that they display notifications on approaching deadlines of the user's own projects as well as deadlines of other project managers' projects. This serves for team substitutability.

Is there any summary of approaching job deadlines?

Yes. QuaHill contains a calendar module which allows you to display approaching job deadlines in a clear way (invoice due dates, etc.) for a selected day and week.

Why is our national bank not available in the global settings?

Banks are added gradually in accordance with the clients' needs. Contact us and we will add the bank for you for free.

How does the system prevent the possibility of two users opening a project and overwriting it?

At the moment of opening a project, it is locked and nobody can work on it until it is closed by the user.

Is it possible to export a project list?

Yes. If a user is entitled with the respective right, he/she can export the project list to an MS Excel file.

We are an ISO-certified agency and we would like to know whether a client can assess the quality of delivered projects on their own?

Yes. A client can assess the quality of delivered projects through the client web portal.


Guenter Lemoine, Managing Director,

Lemoine International GmbH, Germany

We've been searching for years for a PM tool that can really meet the requirements of the localization industry. QuaHill translation management system has turned out to be the perfect solution for us. On top, we get an outstanding price/performance and great support. Many thanks to David and his team, we are glad to have found you!


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