Here you can download the installation files for other QuaHill add-ins that will make it easier for you to work with the system. These add-ins are not bundled with the QuaHill installation files and are installed separately.

QuaHill AddIn for MS Outlook

Outlook AddIn integrates directly into Outlook and is able to communicate with QuaHill. You can create a new quote, project or business activity directly from Outlook. If you also receive, for example, the source translation as an email attachment, you can save it from Outlook directly to a quote or project in QuaHill. The add-in can even be used to create a CRM record in your business activities directly from an email in Outlook.

The installation video can be found here.

See how Outlook AddIn works in practice here and here.

SDL Trados communication interface

This is an application that facilitates direct communication between QuaHill and SDL Trados Studio so that the project manager can analyse files and create Trados projects directly from QuaHill.

The installation video can be found here.

See how the add-in works in practice here.